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About NewUnity

A private crowdfunding community united for change powered by blockchain technology

NewUnity stands as a beacon of progress, driven by the belief in the transformative power of community and blockchain technology. Our foundation rests upon the pillars of transparency, security, and inclusivity, guiding individuals and organizations towards realizing their aspirations. With our platform, we empower visionaries to harness the power of crowdfunding, enabling them to ignite positive change and bring their passions, projects, and initiatives to fruition. Join us in shaping a future where innovation thrives and opportunities abound.

What is Crowdfunding

Welcome to the Future of Crowdfunding with Newunity!

Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way of raising funds for projects, ideas, and causes by gathering small contributions from a large number of individuals, often through online platforms like ours. It's a modern solution to traditional financing methods that empowers creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to bring their dreams to life with the support of their communities.

With Newunity, we're reimagining crowdfunding for the digital age, leveraging the latest technology-Including cryptocurrency and blockchain-to make the process even more secure, transparent, and accessible to all.

What is Blockchain

Empowering Positive Change through Blockchain

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency holds promise for transformative changes in how we transact, store data, and conduct business. Continued innovation and collaboration will shape a more inclusive, secure, and efficient global economy powered by blockchain technology.

At Newunity, we believe in the power of community and the potential of blockchain technology to drive positive change. Founded on the principles of transparency, security, and inclusivity, our platform empowers individuals and organizations to raise funds for their passions, projects, and initiatives.

NewUnity Features

You can benefit by active team building and community support


You receive an instant $5 donation from FastStart donations when your referral contributes an entry


You receive $.50 donations from Unilevel build up to 10 levels of your referral tructure

Loop 8 Global Build

Each entry claims up to $35 per loop Sponsors receive $80.50 every time your referrals loops

How NewUnity works?

Contribute multiple entries to increase your funding potential

$40 Contribution Per Entry to Get Started

to your referrer who referred you

Pays 10 level unilevel builder $.50 each ($5 total)

Each entry claims upto $35 per loop and re-contributes new entry

Sponsors receive $80.5 every time your referrals loops

Auto purchase pool that buys new entries automatically thus pushing the Loop 8 global build as quick as possible.

Instant Purchase and withdrawals

Instant withdrawals to your registered wallet

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